SCRUDRAIN® sludge thickener
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SCRUDRAIN® thickeners with Archimedean screw manufactured by TEKNOFANGHI are the modern and economical solution for sludge thickening.

Sludge thickeners are widely used in many wastewater and water treatment plants. Sludge thickeners are also used to increase the sludge concentration for biogas reactors, thus enabling the use of smaller biogas reactors. They are generally placed before filter presses, belt press and centrifuges to achieve higher sludge concentration before final dewatering. Other applications are to reduce the volume of sludge before being pumped into drying beds or being used in agriculture. This equipment can also be used to remove coarse material such as fibres in the textile industry.

In keeping with our well know high standards, all sludge treatment equipment is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. SCRUDRAIN® thickeners are made according to CE European standard.

Operating principlesback to top
Thickened sludge in SCRUDRAIN®
The drum filter is rotated by an adjustable gear motor. This design enables an easy and simple control of the dewatering process by adjusting the rotating speed to achieve the optimal dewatering time and preventing short-circuiting.

The achievable dewatering results are much higher than with conventional systems. The filter cloth is kept clean by making use of washing water at high pressure from outside the drum. Filtrate can be used. The filter cloth has a long life, since it is not under tensile stress.

SCRUDRAIN® thickeners are supplied complete with control panel, washing pump and all ancilliary equipment necessary for efficient operation. The SCRUDRAIN® thickeners are supplied as complete assembled and tested units in order to minimise installation time and costs. The SCRUDRAIN® sludge thickeners can handle flow from a few m3/h to a maximum of 60 m3/h, depending on the type of sludge and the dry solid content. Changing the speed of the Archimedean screw allows adjustment of the concentration of the thickened sludge and minimises the use of polyelectrolyte according to requirements. As a general guide, sludge with 0,5 - 3 % can be thickened to 5 - 15 % D.S.

Advantagesback to top
Comparison between SCRUDRAIN® and belt thickeners:

  • Filtering cloth is fixed directly on the Archimedean screw, therefore it is not stressed in traction as can happen with the thickening tables so that the life is about four times longer.
  • Vertical flocculator is not required, a static mixer is sufficient, thus saving on energy and maintenance.
  • Sludge is continuously re-mixed allowing drainage of the free water (water surrounding sludge flocks but not in contact with them) and also the interstitial water (water present between sludge flocks). Interstice water is not removable with thickening tables, therefore the D.S. concentration attainable with Archimedean screw thickeners is highly superior.
  • Lower use of polyelectrolyte with same percentage of outlet D.S. This reduction is obtained with better yield of the thickener (as described above).
  • The sludge removed by the washing action remains inside the drum, while the thickening tables discharge it with the filtrate outlet, with the result that the filtrate is less clear. Compressed air is not necessary (therefore no air compressor), and there are no problems related to the belt going out of alignment.
  • Smaller dimensions. The structure is designed to be transported totally assembled. The machine is completely closed to prevent accidents, to avoid spillage and to contain bad odours.
  • SCRUDRAIN® already includes washing pump and electric control panel. With the control panel the machine is completely automatic. It is designed to be interfaced with other panels and to drive sludge and polyelectrolyte pumps.

Technical databack to top
TYPE AD 04C AD 06C AD 04D AD 06D
ARCHIMEDEAN SCREW 1x400 mm 1x600 mm 2x400 mm 2x400 mm
FLOW MAX [m3/h] 10-20 15-30 20-40 30-60
THICKENER DRIVE [kW] 0.35 0.75 0.70 1,50
WASH PUMP [kW] 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1
WEIGHT [kg] 350 450 550 800

Max flow depends on the type of sludge and concentration of D.S.

Process diagram:

  1. Washing pump
  2. Polyelectrolyte unit (optional)
  3. Polyelectrolyte pump (optional)
  4. Sludge pump
  5. Static mixer
  6. Washing water interception valve
  7. Thickened sludge pump
  8. Washing water
  9. Clean water
  10. Filtrate to the head of the treatment plant
  11. Sludge

Dimensionsback to top
AD 04C / AD 06C AD 04D / AD 06D

AD 04C 1040 840 200 1956 2707 1613 1760
AD 04D 1640 1407 200 1956 2707 1613 1760
AD 06C 1240 1040 200 2032 2835 1592 1820
AD 06D 2050 1820 200 2032 2835 1592 1820

Dimensions are indicative only and subject to change without notice.
All dimensions are in mm.