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BioclereŽ launch the BiolanŽ range of composters and composting toilets for distribution throughout the UK and Eire

Bioclere® launch the Biolan® range of composters and composting toilets for distribution throughout the UK and Eire.

For the efficient conversion of domestic and organic garden waste into a nutrient rich soil conditioner.


High Rate Organic Waste Composters

Successful trials at National Trust Property Mottestone Manor on the Isle of Wight, have led "National Trust Cymru" to install Biolan high rate organic composters at a variety of properties across Wales.

Developed in Finland where the use of composting toilets and the composting and recycling of kitchen and garden waste has long been common practice, in excess of 10,000 units are installed annually.

The Biolan 550 litre and 220 litre, double skin insulated composters, are designed to withstand the rigours of the Arctic winter, optimising the composting process under all weather conditions, in secure, rodent and scavenger proof, enclosures. Compost bed temperatures of 50°- 60° Celsius produce a safe, well degraded material, from organic waste, ideal for use as a soil conditioner.

Typically the Biolan units are sited at waste collection points, where food preparation waste and food scraps, are segregated from the main refuse stream and can be combined with organic garden waste to produce a well structured end product.

The effective control of temperature, air distribution, and humidity within the insulated structure enables mature compost to be rapidly produced. This is easily removed via the lower sub-hatch, whilst the fresh mass above continues the composting process. Substantial savings in costs associated with the removal of food waste offsite, are readily achievable.

The addition of composting technologies to the product range allows Bioclere® to further extend its capabilities in the solid waste management sector.

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