Composting - Introduction
The Bioclere® range of Biolan® composting equipmentback to top
For the efficient conversion of domestic and organic garden waste into a nutrient rich soil conditioner.

The Biolan® range of composting equipment has been producing safe organic compost for over 30 years. Developed in Finland where composting and recycling of kitchen waste has long been common practice the current generation of composters optimise the composting process under all weather conditions.

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Product featuresback to top
  • Substantial reduction in refuse collection volume - minimising potential excess charges.
  • Hygienic odour-free disposal route for food and garden waste.
  • Food waste securely composted in rodent and scavenger-proof structure.
  • Rapid production of safe nutrient-rich garden mulch.
  • Insulated composters provide optimum temperature and humidity controlled environment for organic waste degradation.
  • Robust UV stable structure for exceptional product life-span.