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Design and comfort

Naturum® is a composting indoor toilet easy to use. It is a complete integrated system and occupies almost the same space as a water toilet. It is easy to install Naturum and it functions without water, electricity and chemicals. Naturum separates solid waste to the compost drum and liquids to the drain or to the container. A rotating thermally insulated compost drum ensures a quick and odourless composting process and gathers the final product into a container that is easy to empty. The separating seat of Naturum makes the wet cleaning as well as the use of a bidet shower hose possible.

Technical Data

  • Capacity: In continuous use 1 - 5 persons, limitless liquid load capacity
  • Dimensions: 830 x 800 x 800 (D x W x H)
  • Seat height: 430 mm (normal water toilet height)
  • Ventilation pipe: 75 mm (white)
  • Drain pipe: 32 mm (standard drain pipe)
  • Compost volume: 30 L
  • Emptying tray: 10 L
  • Emptying interval: With 4 persons approx. 1 month
  • Bedding: Biolan® basic (approx. 1 L/ person/ week)
  • Total weight, empty: 34 kg
  • The narrowest door opening of the installation site: Assembled 630 mm, in pieces 500 mm
  • Contents of delivery: Delivered ready for installation with mixing and bedding material. Includes the air conditioning tubes

Biolan® Separating Dry Toiletback to top
Latest design and comfort for toilets where water and electricity is not available.

The Biolan® Separating Dry Toilet is a modern, easy-care and neat dry toilet for your holiday home. As its name suggests, The Separating Dry Toilet, separates the urine from the solid waste. This separation takes place inside the unit, so the urine draining away is clean and, once diluted with water, ideally suited for such applications as fertiliser for flowers and shrubs.

There are two separate containers for the dry waste. While one is in use, the other is inactive to the rear of the toilet. You can install the Separating Dry Toilet onto an existing floor, and it can be installed as an outside toilet or in living spaces. The toilet does not require water or an electrical supply for operation.

Technical Data

  • Seat height 530 mm
  • Dimension 600 x 850 x 780 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight approx. 16 kg
  • Material frost-proof polyethylene plastic
  • Colour blue
  • Container for bedding material volume 33 L, able to be detached, attached with doser internal containers volume 28 L, incl. lid, handle
  • Air conditioning tube diameter 75 mm, black
  • Drain pipe diameter 32 mm, white
  • Guarantee for material and workmanship 1 year
  • Delivery content - dry toilet, inner containers 2 pcs, incl. lids, air-conditioning tubes 2 pcs, bedding material; 1 bag 40 L, manual

Biolan® Composting Toiletback to top
The Biolan® Composting Toilet is a neat and functional toilet solution for your holiday home. The Composting Toilet does not require water or electricity for operation, and you can install it also in a toilet structure or external toilet cubicle. The thermo-insulated 200 litre compost tank guarantees quick composting of waste, and it can also be used for composting domestic organic waste. The Composting Toilet has a closed, environmentally friendly design. Efficient ventilation keeps the room odourless. Due to evaporation, the amount of seepage accumulating to the bottom of the tank is insignificant. You can empty the compost easily and lightly. Use the bottom door to remove ready compost only; you do not need to move the entire device. When used in the summer house of one family, the compost can be emptied only once a year. The Composting Toilet includes a comfortable, easy-to-clean thermal seat.

Technical Data

  • Volume approx. 200 L
  • Base 67 x 67 cm
  • Height 100 cm
  • Weight approx. 30 kg
  • Diameter of the drain pipe 75mm
  • Liquid separator
  • Colour dark brown
  • No need for chemicals: mixing material Biolan Compost & Compost Toilet Bedding
  • Complete delivery includes:
    • Compost container
    • Air conditioning tubes
    • Seep liquid canister including hose and connector
    • Thermal seat, can be detached and changed

Biolan® Naturall DTback to top
New product under development with latest technology

The Biolan® Naturall DT is a modern dry toilet that can be installed in your permanent residence or in a well-equipped holiday home as a replacement for your conventional toilet. Naturall DT is designed for warm indoor installation. Naturall DT is a practical option for places where no tap water can be wasted or where you want to reduce the nutrient load into the environment.

Naturall DT dry toilet separates solid waste into the compost chamber of the appliance. Clean urine separated at the toilet seat can be collected into a container for utilisation as fertilizer for flowers and shrubs once diluted with water or discharged to a soakaway.

Biolan® Naturall DT is equipped as standard with a fan to enhance natural ventilation. The fan ensures air circulation in the right direction, out of the toilet container, keeping the room free of odour. Naturall DT requires an electrical supply.

Launch date to be advised.

Technical Data

  • Capacity 1 - 5 persons in continuous use
  • Overall height 65 cm
  • Length 75 cm
  • Maximum width 62 cm
  • Width of installation space required for use min. 85 cm
  • Weight 31 kg
  • Volume of removal bin 7 litres
  • Colour: white
  • Vent pipe diam. 75 mm
  • Liquid outlet hose diam. 32 mm
  • Power consumption in continuous use 10 Watts