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Biolan® Composter 550back to top
Space and efficiency
For all-year composting of commercial kitchen waste.

The Biolan® composter efficiently treats the waste produced in restaurant kitchens, commercial food preparation areas, institutions, small communities and housing groups up to 10 properties. The composter is designed for all-year use and due to its excellent insulation the composting process is maintained with minimal amounts of fresh waste. The optimisation of temperature and humidity within the insulated structure enables mature safe compost to be rapidly produced. This is removed via the lower sub-hatch, whilst the fresh mass above continues the composting process. The Biolan 550 represents the most advanced eco-friendly technique for the conversion of kitchen waste.

Technical Data

  • Volume 550 L
  • Height 120 cm, base 88 x 74 cm
  • Construction material of UV stabilised frost-proof polythene insulation of Freon-free polyurethane
  • Adjustable ventilation valve
  • Internal air distribution tubes (5 pieces) of stainless steel
  • Thermometer
  • Colour green
  • Guarantee for material and manufacturing faults 2 years
  • Delivery: ready for use, including Biolan® Compost Bedding

Biolan® Composter 220back to top
For all-year composting of kitchen and organic household waste.

Biolan® quick composter 220 developed for all-year use represents the most advanced technique for the treatment of kitchen waste. Its capacity is adequate for waste from a large family and also garden waste, which is suitable for composting. Its extremely compact structure, patented air conditioning and its thick polyurethane insulation maintain the composting process even during winter months. The lid of the composter has been designed so that the condensed humidity and the nutrients return to the compost, maintaining the optimum moisture content for composting.

Technical Data

  • Volume 220 L
  • Height 120cm, base 79 x 75 cm
  • Material of frost-proof UV-stabilised polyethylene, insulation of Freon-free polyurethane
  • Patented, adjustable ventilation
  • Thermometer
  • Air distribution tubes in the centre of the compost mass, promote even and efficient composting
  • Colour options: green and brown
  • Guarantee for material and manufacturing faults 2 years
  • Nordic Ecolabel
  • Delivery: ready for use including:
    • Discharge bucket and trough
    • Compost bedding
    • Compost cultivator

Biolan® Landscape "Hot Rock" composterback to top
Natural part of the garden.

The "Hot Rock" composter, suitable for composting of garden and kitchen waste, is a harmonious part of the surroundings due to its natural colour and contoured stone shape. It fits perfectly even in the smaller house or cottage garden. The air distribution tubes, designed for the base basin, distribute the air required for the composting evenly to the compost mass. The structure of the Landscape Composter is extremely solid resisting the most demanding weather conditions.

Technical Data

  • Volume approx. 450 L
  • Height 95cm, base 114 x 95 cm, weight approx. 19kg
  • Material of weather-proof polyethylene plastic dyed throughout
  • The insulated hinged lid facilitates filling and mixing
  • Easy emptying by turning the container
  • Colour: red granite and grey granite
  • Guarantee for material and manufacturing faults 1 year

Biolan® Garden Composterback to top
Optional rodent-proof base grill
Garden waste to fluffy mould.

The capacious Biolan® Garden composter of approx. 900L efficiently composts vegetable and garden waste to fluffy mulch. The composter can be equipped with a separately available base grill to allow composting of kitchen waste. The compost is air-conditioned through the base and the grill prevents the access of rodents into the composter. The UV-stabilised and solid composter resists even the hardest weather variations and frost.

Technical Data

  • Volume approx. 900 L
  • Height 70 cm, base 106 x 154 cm
  • Material frost-proof polyethylene
  • Adjustable ventilation valve on the lid
  • Colour green
  • Guarantee for material and manufacturing faults 1 year

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