Composting - Accessories
Biolan® Compost & Toilet Beddingback to top
Biolan® compost and toilet bedding is a mixed material for composting and compost toilet. It is made of dried, crushed, pure softwood bark and organic fibre. By using compost and toilet bedding regularly in your compost and compost toilet you can optimise efficient and odourless composting.

Biolan® Compost Activatorback to top
Biolan® compost activator is a preparation made of natural raw materials for composting that accelerates the decomposition of waste into nutrient compost. The granulated compost activator contains molasses, crushed turnip rape, seaweed powder and composted broiler manure.

Biolan® Compost Cultivatorback to top
With the Biolan® compost cultivator you can easily mix your compost. The effective design of the cultivator allows you to mix the compost without strain on your back. The cultivator is made of glass fibre reinforced propene, ensuring a long service life.