BIOCLERE® wastewater treatment plant
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BIOCLERE® is a biological wastewater treatment plant which is safe to operate and reliable. The system copes with small to medium amounts of wastewater, from single family homes to sites with a population of up to 2000 people.
The treatment process comprises a septic tank for mechanical separation and a BIOCLERE® biofilter unit for biological treatment process. As wastewater trickles through the biological filter media, organic material is transformed into biomass, which grows on the surface of the HUFO® filtermedia. Treated effluent is separated from the biomass in the clarifier and can be discharged to soil or surface waters. Supplementary stages can be added to provide fully nitrified final effluent or phosphate removal.

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Water distributor has no moving parts
Correctly installed BIOCLERE® will guarantee years of trouble-free performance. BIOCLERE® is sealed and insulated to minimize the impact of seasonal temperature variations on the treatment process. BIOCLERE® minimizes the impact of daily flow variations and short absence of sewage flow. The filter irrigation rate is constant day and night. During periods of low flow, the equipment utilises wastewater stored in the pump well. Temporary variations in load will not affect the performance of the filter.

The water stored in the pump well acts as a source of nutrients for the micro-organisms in the unit if the wastewater flow to the purifier is stopped for several days..

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2000pe plant Lovrenc-Slovenia
  • private houses and small communities,
  • service stations, restaurants and public houses,
  • rural schools, hospitals, care homes for the elderly,
  • camping sites, farms,
  • organic industrial effluents

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Biological unit (B)

  • inner and outer casing made of GRP with thermal PUR insulation,
  • filter random media of polypropylene: HUFO®,
  • water distributor: pressure system with nozzles,
  • ventilation system: fan 25/40/75W,
  • sump SU made of GRP.

Chemical treatment unit (K) for phosphorous removal

  • inner and outer casing made of GRP with thermal PUR insulation,
  • equipment: control panel, lighting, heating, chemical dosing pump with chemical tank: 60 litre capacity,
  • sump SU made of GRP with equipment: sludge return pump, discharge channels, access platform, mixer with centre baffle.

Control panel
main isolator, timers, alarms, control and regulation electronics, electrical connection point.

Advantagesback to top
  • Low capital; low installation, operating and maintenance costs,
  • Energy-efficient, self-managing process,
  • Corrosion and UV resistant components,
  • Process unaffected by external temperature variations,
  • Internal flow stabilization (minimizes impact of flow variations),
  • Sealed and insulated unit for stable, quiet treatment,
  • Modular units for increasing capacity,
  • Nutrient removal easily added to the process chain,
  • Utilizes existing cesspits or septic tanks,
  • Final effluent suitable for discharge to surface water or infiltration.

Referencesback to top
Diss Heywood
Norfolk, UK

Serving 40 persons

Cape Cod
Massachusetts, USA

2 no 40 BIOCLERE® series units
Serving housing development
for 200 persons

Wyreby Wielkie
district Gniew, pomorskie, Poland

Wastewater treatment plant
House of Social Welfare;
   septic tank Imhoff,
   biological unit BIOCLERE® B75,
   biological unit BIOCLERE® B45B,
   chemical dosing unit.

Preston Capes
Northants, UK

BIOCLERE® B180 and B415
Serving village

Walmart Shopping Plaza
Conneticut, US

2 no 40 Series BIOCLERE® units

Forncett St Peters
East Anglia, UK

BIOCLERE® B95 B115 units
Serving 130 people

US Mail depot

4 no 40 series BIOCLERE® units
Serving depot staff

Mountain village

2 no 30 series BIOCLERE® units
Serving 200 persons

Village near Stockholm

B55 BIOCLERE® and phosphorous removal stage
Serving 55 persons